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1973 Continental Sedan Questions

Hi Bill,
I thank for your blog, I’m sure we would be clueless in most of our problems without it. I have two minor issues with my ’73 Continental 4DHT. The first one is that my battery’s positive post and clamp turns black after a while-let’s say 2 weeks if I use the car a lot. I don’t know what causes this. Starter, wrong battery, alternator, voltage regulator? The other problem is that my hazard/signal lights blink too fast. I think this has something to do with not having the right light bulbs or my original relays don’t work properly with these new light bulbs.
Thanks for your time and your help,
Hi Steve –
Discoloring of the post can be caused by several things. Any battery that is seeping or leaking acid into this area can be a cause of blackness and a concern. If the battery is actually in good shape and not in poor condition I would try cleaning the cables and their connections again and installing them tight with a coating of battery grease or lube that is available for this condition from local auto suppliers. It wouldn’t hurt to have the charging system, cables and battery condition evaluated at this time as well. Many local retail auto stores offer to do this with their equipment at no charge.
You are correct in stating that the flashing speed of your turn signals and hazard flashers will not be correct if the wrong bulbs are installed. If you do have non original bulbs installed you will probably need to replace both of your flashers with ones that are compatible with what bulbs you have installed. In many cases the use of Electronic (self adjusting) flashers will suffice but this may require some experimenting on your part as we can only advise you on a vehicle with factory equipment. I hope that the above helps correct your problems.

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