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1973 Continental Sedan Concerns

Hi Bill!
I have a ’73 Continental 4 door Sedan. The two power windows on the rear don’t work. If I turn the switch I can hear the motors working but the windows are not moving. I’m able to push the window glasses down in the door and pull them up by hand. Are my window motor gears worn out or it can be something else? I looked up the plastic gears on eBay, but I wasn’t sure which one was for me, 9 or 7 teeth.
I’m also having a problem with the driver side mini-vent window. It doesn’t go all the way up, stops about an inch and a half before it suppose to. I adjusted on the ‘up stop’ and on the ‘vent equalizer’, but I don’t see any more possibility for adjustment in the service manual. Is there more?
I’m also having problem with my fuel gauge. Most of the time it does not work, but if it does it’s not accurate. When I gas up it shows that the tank is full, but the needle gets down to the ‘E’ when the tank is still half full of gas. I appreciate if you could help me, thank you.
Hello Steve,
Welcome to our Blog. If you can raise and lower your windows by hand it sure does sound like the gears have collapsed inside the motor assemblies. We have these parts on hand right here at Lincoln Land as this is a common failure. At the same time as the gears are replaced the moving window parts inside the doors should be cleaned and re-greased. Another problem that I should mention at this time is that many Lincolns of this era suffer from slow operating windows. We have found that this is due to the design of the power window electrical system that allows reduced power to reach the motors. We have in many cases installed relays for the motors on some customer’s vehicles so that the windows operate on increased electrical power. The result is a vast improvement in the power window operation. However, this is not a project for the timid, and may be something for you to consider in the future. Your vent window problem sounds like lack of lubrication or possibly a weak motor. It should be re-inspected with this in mind.
The fuel gauge concern in my opinion could be caused by the float that is located on the sending unit in the fuel tank. It is not uncommon for these to leak and sink. The result is a false gauge reading. If that is the case we have them in stock and they are inexpensive. Another common possibility is that the sending unit itself is faulty and requires replacement or overhaul.
When you get further into these above concerns, please contact us for further advice, etc.

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