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1971 Mark III Window Question & Update

Hi Bill,
Question about my passenger side front window Glass. I have a good motor but the Glass binds 1/2 down and gets stuck. With the motor removed I can manually lift the glass up and down. 1/2 way down the glass jams – huge pressure pushing the outside of the glass toward the outside of the door – this keeps the window from going down – the motor cannot pull it down or push it up till its 1/2 way up. I checked everything and adjusted the pipes in all directions to eliminate this jam. No adjustment helps. The upper half of travel is ok – the lower 1/2 jams. Regulator seems fine and everything is greased up. I loosened the guides that travel on the poles and that eliminated the issue but when tightened the window jams. No pole adjustment helps the problem. Bent poles ? Jammed regulator ? Please help me. Thanks !
Hi John –
Some of these issues sure can be frustrating can’t they? If you have the window motor removed and all of the other parts are still installed and intact that is an excellent way to check the glass operation manually. A bent guide tube could cause this problem as you suggest but of course I cannot see the inside of that door. Other possibilities could be a previously damaged door at the outside belt molding area or inner panel etc. I have also seen the guides that attach to the glass assembly incorrect or installed incorrectly on some vehicles. Another idea is to possibly install a shim or shims at the top of the guide tubes to overcome the binding without changing the glass alignment. Do you have the manual showing the installation parts and adjustments? Check these possibilities out and post back to us for further advice if needed.
Hi Bill –
Thanks for the help on my MK III passenger side window glass. I fixed the problem by shimming the guides away from the glass using brass washers. Still not sure why this was necessary but it sure worked. Of course I had the glass completely out of adjustment all around but going back to the manual helped. Your “stay calm and carry on” type of direction really helped make a frustrating problem more of a step by step procedure. This is a science rather than an art right ? Thanks.

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