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1971 Mark III Transmission Fluid Change

Hi Bill –
I am busy replacing the oil of my transmission, and to do this in a correct way they told me to also empty the converter. I have removed the cover plate on the front of the transmission so I can see the converter. I turned the converter a couple times to look for a plug or something what looks like a plug . Now I saw something that looks like some kind of a plug , it is very small (smaller than the normal bolts on the converter) and it has a square type of bolt . It does not look like a normal bolt with 6 sides, this only has 4 sides (square). Is this the plug I need to empty the converter? I hope you can help me.
Best regards
The Netherlands
Ray –
Excellent idea to drain the converter as well as the pan. This image is from our 66 manual and will show you the orientation of the drain plug. Although the drain plugs that we see are six sided and requiring a 7/16″ wrench, yours could indeed be square. We hope that this information helps you.
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