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1971 Mark III Sure Track Question

Thanks for the great blogs. I have owned a 79 Collector’s Series Mark V for the past five years, and have gotten a lot of good info here. I just picked up a 71 Mark III with the sure track. Is it possible to find parts and get that ABS in working order? The brake system functions normally without it, correct? I was thinking of putting rear discs on mine and just getting rid of the sure track.
Greetings Matt –
The original brakes on your 71 Mark III are great working brakes if they are serviced properly and well maintained. We find that installing rear disc brakes will not improve the braking performance to any great degree if at all. For that reason we cannot recommend the expense of doing that conversion.
The Sure Track system was a nice working feature when these cars were new but now the units are mostly aged and not operable. New parts are not available and the used parts that we remove from parts cars are not reliable or even tested. The most important reason that we do not offer service for these items is that there is very minimal interest from our customers in that regard. Again, if you maintain your original brakes to factory standards, your brakes will be excellent and serve you well.

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