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1971 Mark III Aftermarket Shock Question

Hallo Bill-
I recently purchased a Mark III – 1971. Because of the mileage my mechanic suggested replacing the shock-absorbers, which was fine with me. He installed the most basic, standard (cheapest) Monroes. But I don’t like them. They feel too “light”, not suitable for a 4750 lbs car. The car feels “wobbly” (lack of a better word) and unstable / unsafe especially at (European) standard highway speed, eg 75-80 mph. One can not hold the steering wheel straight and still for more than a couple of seconds, it needs constant re-adjusting and correcting. Where I live (Belgium) it is difficult to find reliable and/or technical information let alone other Mk III owners to share information with, hence I address you with my question. What is a good (the best?) replacement for the shock absorbers? Monroe is the most common brand in Europe (+service) although all other brands can be found and ordered (KYB, Gabriel etc) Based on what I read, and what would be my choice with what I know so far, Monroe Load Adjusting shocks are a good choice. (the “Monroe” brand just for the sake and ease of its broad service network over here – other brands have identical types) The car is daily used and doesn’t carry / tow loads. Just me and the occasional passenger. What is your recommendation, all help and advice is most appreciated. Kind regards.
Samuel – Leuven, Belgium
Greetings Den –
Because of the many shocks available and the many needs and wants of the owners we do not get too involved with the selection of these types of parts. If you are not happy with the shock absorbers that your mechanic has chosen you will need to speak to him for a correction.
More important than shock absorbers at this point in time is your description of the steering and handling of your Mark III. A vehicle that exhibits the symptoms such as you describe clearly needs to be immediately inspected and corrected by a competent “front end” technician. Your vehicle may have some serious worn out parts. We can supply most steering and suspension parts if needed.

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