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1971 Mark Exhaust Questions And Update Of Work In Progress

Work continues correcting minor issues and sloppy previous repairs on my Mark III with 91K miles. Most recently, I needed to replace the badly damaged transmission dipstick tube and decided to remove the old crimped and abandoned emissions tube while working in that area. I gave up trying to work on the back of the passenger side of the engine with the A/C and heat plenum in place, so I decided to disconnect the exhaust from the manifold and remove the Sure-Track actuator to gain access from underneath. Fortunately, the only broken part during the process was a speed nut holding the actuator bracket.
After a few days and applications of penetrating oil, the exhaust fasteners came loose, but I ended up with one stud coming out of each manifold, and the other stayed put and the nut came off. I’ve attached a few pictures of the passenger side, and the driver’s side it similar. I am likely going to have the entire exhaust system replaced with a correct system soon. The previous owner had only the mufflers and tailpipes without resonators replaced, and the work looks unprofessional. I want to minimize potential damage to the manifolds now as well as when the existing system is replaced later. Should I just re-use the exhaust system nuts and stud/nut combinations? What else should I do for reassembly at this time?
Bradley –
Good that you are installing resonators. They do contribute to a quiet exhaust. It is also important to make sure that the exhaust pipes have a crossover built in as well for an even quieter factory correct Lincoln Continental system. We always assemble the exhaust systems in the same way as the factory using new manifold to exhaust pipe sealing “donuts”. You would be well advised to use new studs and nuts if the removed ones are damaged or worn. Of course your new pipes will need to align reasonably straight on to the manifold to create and maintain a good leak free seal.

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