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1970 Mark III New Owner Questions

Hi Bill –
Love your blog, been reading it a lot since it’s packed with helpful info about the Mark III and Lincolns in general.
Info on the Mark III is, as you probably know, limited; and more so is appropriate documentation in regards to operating all the car’s controls. Luckily, I’ve figured out most of them, but there’s one that still confuses me; the headlamps.
When I turn the headlamps on (the flaps open and the headlamps are revealed) all four lights are on; is that the high beam and the low beam on at the same time? Or is that how they work on the Mark III? Either way, I’ve no idea how to turn the high beams on or off; all I see for the headlamp control is the knob on the left-hand side, but that’s about it…
Any help/tips would be highly appreciated!
Greetings Octavian –
The headlamp dimmer switch is located at the floor pan rise area about 5 inches to the left of the power brake pedal. It is foot operated by your left foot. With the headlamps on push it once to change the headlamps from high beam to low beam. Push it again to revert back to high beam. They can of course become inoperative if they are faulty but this is how they operate normally. If you have the Automatic Headlamp Dimmer option, see your owners manual for the additional features of this device.

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