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1970 Mark III AC Issues

Hi there Bill –
I picked up a nice “barn find ” however with anything there is some minor issues that need attention. The AC seems to be in tack and works however blows warm so I’m guessing a shot of freon. My trouble is I cant find the charging port. Usually it is pretty straight forward. I know its an old R 12 system but I use Envirosafe R 12- 134 the nice thing is it is not required to evac the system and the price makes it affordable enough to use and if there is a problem no worries. you didn’t brake the bank. I do need a shop manual for some of the items I wish to tackle but in the mean time can you advise where the AC recharge port is? I’m waiting on a friend to send me his shop books but its hot here in Calif 100 plus so if I can get the ac running before even better.
Hi Ron –
If your 1970 Mark III has the original a/c system, the charging and system testing ports and valves are located on the compressor head and are manually operated. The Factory Shop manuals should explain their operation and how to operate these valves. However several problems are common and entirely possible. Of course I do not know exactly what is malfunctioning on your system as your Mark probably has the Automatic Climate Control which is complicated and is also explained at length in the shop manual. We offer an excellent rebuild and tune up service for most of these a/c controls. I should also advise you at this time that Lincoln Land and I do not recommend anyone who is not well versed and experienced with a/c systems to perform refrigeration procedures. Mistakes in this area can be costly health wise and Dollar wise. Do be careful.

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