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1970 Continental Modulator Pin

My 1970 Lincoln Sedan’s C6 transmission switches gears a bit late. The 2-3 gear shift occurs normally as soon as the gas pedal is released, then acceleration can be resumed.
I have changed the modulator and made sure the downshift linkage was not at fault. No
change. The only remaining sources for this problem are the following: vacuum leak, worn seals, but there is also this: there was no metal rod (pin) in the modulator housing
when I changed it.. could this explain the problem? If so, do you sell this part?
I have some 1/8″ steel wire, can I simply make a rod of this exact length? Second, I have this excerpt from a ford manual which says to “adjust the modulator to average weight” (its spring tension), is this indeed necessary? I don’t know if my 1970 C6 has a shift kit however.
F P –
The pin is indeed vital for the modulator to operate and fits many many years of c6. The original p/n is C4AZ-7A380-A. It is 1″11/16 long and 1/8″ thick. If you can’t find one in your area we could supply one if necessary. Let us know and ask for Chris if you call as he is aware of this reply.
We don’t make those pins here as you are thinking of doing because of course we have plenty from our parts cars. They don’t break, shrink, rot, rust or burn out, etc. Therefore a used one is as good as a new one. It is too small and inexpensive a part to quibble over and discuss making one. You say that you do not know if your 70 Lincoln has a shift kit or not. We also do not this and I can’t imagine anyone ever wanting to install one on a 1970 Lincoln. The real BOTTOM LINE here is that if yours is actually missing this pin as you say it is, just get one, install it and road test the car. If the pin makes it shift properly, great, you are done. If not then then you move on to the next step from there.

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