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1969 Window Issues

Bill –
I’m trying to get the power windows working properly with the switches, all front door motors were bench checked and worked fine, also the relay has juice to it, I took it apart to look and the relay looked good. Any help would be appreciated.
I do have a factory, and I mean it is BIG manual with all the Electrical, vacuum diagrams, not only for 69 Lincolns but for T-Birds etc..Also have a Electric gearhead, my neighbor trying to help. I can run a test light and read a diagram somewhat good. I also have a 71′ Lincoln Mark 3 that I’m working on, I do all the mechanical work myself but farm out most of the vat cleaning, head work etc. The 71′ was really neglected and sat for about 5 yrs. when I bought the car it had no starter relay in place, they had the Battery wired right to the starter?? Also when i looked at the wire loom i found at the Alternator connection a missing black wire which should be the Ground wire.
Hello Bill –
The power windows on these years of Lincolns are a common fail item and can be difficult. You don’t tell us if the 69 is a Mark III or the full size sedan or coupe. You also do not mention if the power window relay is sending power to the drivers door switches with the ignition key in the run position. You do advise though that this relay ” looked good”. That does not mean however that it is actually operating or not. As a service we can rebuild the relay if faulty and most of the switches if they are proven defective. The switches are a very common fail area.
If you have the correct wiring diagrams you will need to follow the power path of the switch operation to and from the window motor locations that are non operative. If you have difficulty verifying the condition of the switches we can test then for you if necessary. These circuits can be somewhat difficult to diagnose and will require patience and an understanding of the operation.

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