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1969 Starting Issues

Hi there!!
I’m a very proud new owner of a 1969 Continental and am doing a restoration, cars in fairly decent shape but does need work. One of the things I’m trying to figure out is why I only hear the starter solenoid on the fender click when I turn the key? It used to work and the car runs good , did have charging issues and after sitting for 10 years I changed some stuff anyways like battery, alternator, voltage regulator and starter solenoid. But still can’t get it to start by key consistently, have to jump s terminal to battery terminal on the solenoid, so I’m assuming starter is okay when I do that as it will start then.
Hi Clay –
Congratulations on your recent purchase. They are great Lincolns. If the starter does not engage when you turn the key to the start position you should test for power at the S terminal wire at the solenoid on the fender. That wire should be red with a blue stripe. If there is no power there at that terminal with the ignition switch in the start position and jumping that terminal to the positive battery post engages the starter then the cranking circuit must be tested from the Ignition switch to the Neutral Safety switch and to the solenoid. The Neutral Safety Switch could be faulty or out of adjustment , the ignition switch itself could be faulty or there could be a bad connection at any part of that red and blue wire in that circuit. The Shop Manual explains the special N.S. switch adjustments for the 1969 Lincoln in the transmission section. Call our office if you need the Shop Manuals.

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