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1969 Mark Seal Question

Hello Bill,
My name is Don and have questions about front seal in timing cover behind crank driven power steering pump on my 69 Mark III. My Lincoln Technical Data manual for Mark III states that timing cover must be removed to replace this seal. The manual also shows on page 8-34, figure 29, a picture that looks like seal is installed from inside. That would explain why timing cover would need to be removed. If this is wrong, and seal is installed from front side of cover, does the lip of seal just press against hub of pump, or does it go around the hub of pump ? It seems impossible to get that seal to fit around that raised hub of casting when sliding pump into position on crankshaft. What type of sealant should be used between the seal and aluminum timing cover? Any information about this critical procedure will be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
Hi Don –
That seal is installed to the outside of the cover from the outside of the front cover. A little gasket sealant on the front cover where the seal contacts is a good idea. The pressure from the pump presses on the seal lip to keep it in place. The pump must also have its mounting pads and bolt bushings attached for alignment. The two mounting bolts for the pump have shoulders on them to prevent over tightening. Your manual is incorrect for a crank mounted pump to front cover seal installation. The above statements are for a 1969 MK III that has not been altered in this area. Did nobody notice the seal position when the pump was removed.

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