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1969 Mark III Starting Issues

Good Afternoon,
I have a 1969 Lincoln Mark 3 and it’s a great car but, I recently replaced the starter because it would click then eventually start as well as the solenoids and now it will start if you move around the shifter so I’m assuming it’s the Neutral safety switch? I ordered one but I have never done one before, I was told it’s most probably in the steering column not attached to the Transmission. I’m not sure. Can you please assist me I love my car and I just want it to fire up every time with no worries.
Charles –
The logical source of installation information for you is from the parts business that supplied you with that part. Lincoln Land is a business that supplies parts and service for collectors of older Lincolns and we try to assist our loyal parts and service customers as much as possible. Surely you don’t expect Lincoln Land to spend our valuable time and resources to provide you with instruction and information regarding the installation of parts that you have purchased from some other supplier. It appears that as of this time we are not the supplier of this part or any other parts to you. Future self service of your Mark III will be much easier for you if you invest in a Shop Manual as well. These manuals are a real asset and will show the location (usually with drawings) and replacement instructions along with adjustments for parts such as this. If we can assist you with any parts and service etc. along with our wealth of installation tips for these parts in the future please contact our office.

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