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1969 Mark III Restart Issues

Hi Bill –
I have a 69 Mark III with 37k miles. Car runs just about perfectly (idle is very smooth, definitely has full power) except for a minor issue.
When restarting the car when it’s hot, sometimes it starts then immediately dies. It may take 5 to 6 times to finally restart the car, each time I crank it, the car fires immediately then dies. The symptoms remind me of a bad ballast resistor in the early 70s Chryslers. Pumping the pedal does not expedite the starting procedure.
I took the air cleaner off while trying to start it and the choke is clearly open (which it should be). If anything, it feels like the car floods itself. However, once the car restarts, it doesn’t behave as if it was flooded (i.e., no chugging smoke, no rough idle, no need to keep foot on the throttle to clear out unburned fuel). When it does restart, it simply settles into a smooth idle.
Any ideas what’s going on? Is this typical for these cars? Have owned the car for 4 years and don’t recall having this issue before this year. Is there a ballast resistor on these cars?
Hello Adam –
It is not unusual for all cars to develop a variety of starting and running problems over a period of time. To answer your questions though…..No, I do not know what is going on at this time. You haven’t given us any useful diagnosis information that would help anyone try to pinpoint your problem without guessing……Yes, this could be considered typical for these Lincolns and all other cars that may be in dire need of a tune up or that could have a carburetor issue or old fuel etc……Yes, there is an ignition resistor under the dash installed and hidden in the main wiring harness. The ignition part of the wiring diagram will show this and the Shop Manual describes the replacement procedure. It is difficult to get to but of course could be tested under the hood and verified for proper voltage to the coil. These resistor wires are not known as a common failure item on these cars. Hope this helps you diagnose your starting problems. When you are ready, we can supply you with all of the quality tune up items etc. that you may need.

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