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1969 Mark III Power Steering Pump Question

Hi Bill,
I have a 69 Mark III and I was curious if I could change the power steering pump from crank driven to a conventional pulley style. The factory pump is leaking and it seems like it would be more convenient to just change the timing cover and switch the pump than to try and rebuild the factory one. I think that the only issue would be clearance but as I understand the 70 and 71 Mark III had a pulley driven pump. I have the engine out right now and it is at the machine shop being rebuilt.
Thank you,
Hello Billy –
Yes, this power steering pump change that you describe has been done before by a few other owners and we have seen some of these conversions that have been in service. Most of our customers however opt to stay with and are quite content with the original 1969 system. At Lincoln Land, resealing the Eaton crank mounted power steering pumps is a popular service that we have been providing to Lincoln owners for many years. Although we have no instructions or any parts list available for your belt driven conversion, we would be willing to supply you with the necessary parts that you would need to do this job. If you decide to proceed, let us know what parts you require and we can price them out for you as a package.

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