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1969 Mark III – New Owner Questions

Hi Bill –
Just had my 1969 Mark III imported and am starting to address a few issues.
Sent for a wiring manual from one of your competitors, but whilst using it found the wire colour references to be wrong??
To be sure could you tell me what the three wire colours are to the power window safety relay. Also do you have window switches?
Hello John –
Congratulations on your recent Mark III purchase! Great car.
The wire colors at the Power Window Safety Relay in my wiring book shows that they should be Blue/Red/and Yellow. The plug itself is Red. It also has a separate Black ground wire. Some wiring diagrams are incorrect from FoMoCo. The relay is located on the firewall behind the left (drivers side) valve cover. The wire colors as mentioned above could be slightly different but the plug connector is Red.
We usually have stock of new power window switches on hand and we also can offer a rebuild service to any switches that are faulty and re-buildable. The best way to go is to contact us when you find out what you need for availability and prices etc.

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