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1969 Lincoln Questions

Bill –
I’m having some issues here. Car came in for battery check and new negative cable. Since in my possession car has begun to run worse and worse. Here is what I have done and checked. Car has new reman distributor in it. Came into shop that way. Plug wire ends were falling off. I put new Motorcraft plugs in gapped at approx .034″. checked points gap. corrected to .017″. primary side of coil 1.7 ohms. secondary side of coil 9.64k ohms. this car will shake and shake then poof, purrs like a kitten then goes back to crap. Sometimes while running it just stops like someone turned off the key. No stumbling, just off. While it does run positive side of coil only gets 9.5v. when it stalls coil gets 6.3v. battery charge stat good 12.63v. 2.1v per cell of battery is correct?
What am I missing? I believe its electrical. When it purrs its awesome. All the power is there like a Lincoln should have. I have also disconnected all vacuum ports on motor and plugged off. Except for distributor. I have checked the vacuum advance. Works and holds vacuum. if you have any advice or wisdom, PLEASE contact me.
Brian –
Not knowing the history of the car I can offer the following suggestions based on your recent repair information. The battery ground on a 69 Continental routes from the battery to a point on the rt. front sub frame and then continues to a necessary second ground at the engine block. The 69 Continental Mark III ground is from the battery to the block only. The points setting should be checked with a dwell meter (26-31 degrees). You have installed new spark plugs but it sounds like this engine should have new high tension wires as well. I assume that the points and condenser are new and that the ignition timing is correct. The vibration dampers on these engines are known to delaminate and cause the timing marks to shift. This movement will cause a technician to unknowingly adjust the timing incorrectly. If the coil is at all suspected it is easy and a good idea to substitute a “good known one” as a test. The vacuum advance must not only hold vacuum but it also must pull and rotate the advance plate inside the distributor. Some vacuum advance rubber interiors have turned to plastic and cannot move.
Finally what is the possibility of the fuel pump being weak or delivery from the gas tank being inadequate or contaminated with fine debris and upsetting the fuel mixture in the carburetor. It is possible that some fuel tank and fuel line debris is plugging the fuel filter and or the in tank strainer while finer debris is ending up in the carburetor.
When you have completed further diagnosis and need more advice or any repair parts please contact us again.

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