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1969 Mark III Window Issues

Hello, my name is Gavin and I’m working on a 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III with a window issue. The vehicle is a two door coupe. I replaced some of the switches because they were extremely corroded and sticking. all windows work except for the passenger front window, it only works one way from the master switch, and does not work at all from the passenger door switch. I can jump the wires on the passenger door to make the motor move on way but not another. Wire 314 is always hot, but 328A an 334 are not. Any help would be appreciated

Greetings Gavin –

Power window issues can be difficult to diagnose properly especially if they have been ignored for a long period of time or if the wiring has at some point been altered from the original wiring diagrams. Assuming that your wiring is still intact as per the factory I can offer the following information to help you with the diagnosis. Operating the right front door window switch at the master control will send power over to and through the pw. switch at that door to the power window motor. Power will then travel through that motor and again through the switch on that door and over to the master control sw. where it will then be sent to ground. The window will then operate up or down as selected by the operator. There are many contacts involved and every one of them must be in very good operating condition. The switches are the most common areas of failure with these power windows. You did not advise us if your replacement switches were new or directly from a parts vehicle. To diagnose correctly is very important here, therefore the power path must be carefully traced as explained above and corrected as necessary.    At Lincoln Land we are very pleased to be able to offer our customers NEW switches. If your wiring is factory correct we can test your two switches and if necessary,  replace them with new ones if they are faulty. We wish you good luck and a speedy repair. Please remember that correct diagnosis is the key to success for you.



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