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1968 Continental Possible Issues With Modification

Hi Bill,
I have a question about my 1968 Lincoln Continental, 462 engine, suicide doors. It now has a Edelbrock 750 on it and shifts late, the rpms are too high when it shifts. I have to hit 50 before it will hit third & then it downshifts itself when I let off the gas. It has 2 rods going from the carb to the trans linkage, could this be the problem? Also, do you know what the timing on that engine should be? Maybe a vacuum issue? Thanks for all your help, looking forward to getting some new parts for my car.
Hi Jim –
If you are doing your own repairs on your Lincoln you will find that having the proper manuals are a real big help. If you are doing your own repairs plus any type of modification as well such as a carburetor change of some sort then the manuals are a “must have”. The initial timing spec. for that engine should be approximately 10 degrees.
The transmission shifting problem must be annoying for you. From your description and the fact that a non original carb. has been installed leads me to believe that the carb. linkage must be fouled up somehow. The big question is …..Did the transmission shift properly before the carb. modification? The transmission should have only one adjustable rod (kickdown rod) going to it from the carb. linkage as well as one vacuum line routed to the shift modulator located at the rt. rear of the transmission. Both of these items must be in place and in proper working order and adjustment for the transmission to work properly. The carb. linkage on these eras of Lincolns is unique and must be maintained to satisfy the transmission requirements. Again I stress that a correct manual will help you immensely. For a 68 you will need the 67 manual and the 68 supplement manual. We usually have these and many other popular parts on hand at all times. We hope that all you will need is proper adjustment and that you will soon have that 68 shifting as a Lincoln should.
Sincerely –

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