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1968 Continental Issues With Acceleration

Hey Bill –
My name is Alfred and I read your post and I still couldn’t find the right one for me so I decided to ask my own question.
I own a 1968 Lincoln Continental with a 462 Engine. I’m having an issue with either the Carburetor or vacuum related. When I got the car it wasn’t running, and had many leaks within the cooling system. The problem I’m having is that when the vehicle is being driven and I begin to accelerate, the car acts like it wants to die out and shut off.
It starts up great and idles fine. Please help me… I believe I might need a vacuum diagram for the car.
Hi Alfred –
Welcome to the Blog. Those 68 Continentals are really great cars. I drive a real nice 68 coupe in Florida for several weeks in the winter. The car belongs to Chris Dunn’s Dad. I drive it in order to exercise it and have any maintenance work performed on it that it may need.
When you receive one that isn’t running as you describe there is a good chance that there could be many issues that need attention in the “tune up” and carburetion area etc. Not knowing the history of your Lincoln or how long it sat unused, I can offer the following areas as “starting” points. A complete tune up which would include Distributor points, Condenser, High Tension wiring, Vacuum Advance and Spark Plugs should be performed. A sharp hesitation on acceleration as you seem to be describing is an indication of a worn out accelerator pump within the Carburetor. This will likely lead to a carburetor overhaul and fuel delivery inspection. The above basic items are good places to start as they must of course be in top working order on any engine.
You also express a need for an engine area vacuum diagram, while there is not a specific one for your 68, we do offer the 67 version which will be the same for your 462. I highly recommend that you purchase a Shop Manual in addition, as these manuals pay for themselves in a short period of time. I hope that the above helps and If we can assist you further please do not hesitate to contact us at here at Lincoln Land.

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