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1968 Continental Interior Lighting Problems

I have recently purchased a 68 Continental for a project, and one of the many things bugging me is the interior lights.
The only lights inside that work are the Oil light, Alternator light, Trunk light and High beam light. No lights work on any gauges and I don’t know why, all the bulbs are fine and the fuse is fine too.
I’m not very good when it comes to wiring as mostly I’m used to engine work only.
Any thoughts on what might be wrong?
Greetings Michael –
The power for the instrument lighting originates at the headlamp switch from the dimmer rheostat and is then directed to the small 6amp fuse in the fuse box. You state that the fuse is ok but are you checking the correct small 6amp fuse for power using a test light with the h/l sw. on? If you have no power in this position, the headlamp sw. may be faulty and need to be tested or the control knob is not rotated to the full brightness position. If the fuse has power you will need to trace for continuity from the fuse to the instrument bulbs. A wiring diagram along with some electrical skills are great assets for tracing and diagnosing electrical circuits.

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