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1968 Continental Battery Drain

I’ve got an all original 68 Continental with a 462. I’m having similar issues as this guy
Car runs and drives great. BUT even with a brand new battery and voltage regulator the car will die even while running if I over use power windows, horn, or seats.
Example, brand new battery put on yesterday. Started and stopped several times while taking it to dinner. Then this morning the car was died so I jump the car and drive it around, running great. Then I park the car in driveway and roll up the windows before shutting car off I begin to roll up windows. Rolls up fine at first but then they start slowing down until the car dies altogether.
Something seems to be draining the battery while it runs or sits. Alternator test shows the alternator to be good but I’m curious if moving to a self regulated alternator would be the trick? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Pics of my baby blue attached.
Greetings Jason –
From the information that you have provided, I can only guess that you have a charging problem or a wiring problem. You do not state how the alternator was tested or the actual charging voltage at the battery from the alternator during these tests. Meaningful diagnosis by a competent automotive electrical shop with the correct wiring diagram may be necessary.
Your link to a previous post also states an electrical problem but without the engine stalling due to loss of voltage that you seem to be experiencing. I asked that poster in my reply to him in the link to let us know what he finds but he never shared those results with us so we will never know.
You also state that “tests show the alternator to be good” and then you ask if a different design alternator will correct your problems. I do not understand your reasoning when you ask that if replacing a good working charging design with another design will correct your issues. The original 1968 charging system was quite adequate……..unless you have some sort of added on high draw electrical equipment, missing ground wires or wrongly arranged original wiring that you are not revealing to us, proper diagnosis in a logical sequence will required.

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