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1967 Convertible Rear Window Issues

Hi Bill…
I’m hoping you can offer some insight into deciphering a situation with the right rear window. All relays were behind the seat have been checked and cleaned and appear to work well.
In my college years—a very long time ago—I was a bench technician in a television shop, so I’m not totally unfamiliar with electronics. I have the original factory repair manual and the supplement for the convertible top and automatic rear windows.
Here is a description of what’s going on. It is an intermittent problem, but happens frequently. All the windows work normally from all the manual switches. The automatic window operation is normal on both sides. What is happening is occurring with the left door only. When I open the door the window goes down half-way and stops normally. The interior lights come on, as they should, as does the “door open” light on the dash. When I shut the door, the window goes up and the motor stops as it should; however, far too often the interior lights and “door open” light stay on.
The only way I’ve been able to get these lights to go off is to momentarily disconnect the battery. When I do, I can hear a click which sounds like it’s coming from the left door post area where the retract and door open relay is located. Anyway when reconnecting the battery, the interior lights and “door open” lights are off and remain off until opening that door again. As I said, it doesn’t happen every time, but far too often.
Any input you might have for this would be so much appreciated!… Before starting to tearing into things and, perhaps, ordering parts I don’t need.
Thanks Bill!
Thanks Bill I got the problem solved.
It was a need to adjust the current limiter relays. One of the fellows here had dealt with the same problem a while ago.
All that was necessary is to decrease the tension a bit on the internal coil springs (one in each relay) to allow the points to open with slightly less current flow.
John –
We are pleased that you have corrected the issue with the “current limiting relay” for the problem rear door window area. The operation of these relays for the left and right rear door power windows and lights is based on the current draw in the system. Any adjustments should be carefully performed to the actual vehicle and circuit to which that relay is controlling. This is because as these circuits and their switches age, the values that the relay responds to changes as well. If the condition of the circuit and the switches is in poor shape they must be upgraded to a reasonably good condition. When diagnosing these complex systems the battery should always be in good shape and on charge while diagnosing in order to maintain an operational 12-13 volts. As a further tip the correct same relays for the left and right operation can be swapped for diagnostic purposes. If a suspected relay on the left side for instance causes the right side to fail when swapped, you have probably proven that relay to be faulty etc. Any adjustments should be done by a skilled technician with an understanding of the circuit’s function and of course with the correct shop manual and wiring diagram close by.

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