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1967 Continetnal Power Steering Pump Leak

Bill –
I bought the car a few months ago. The power steering was out. I removed the pump and found it had a lot of play in it and had pushed the rear seal out of it. I sent it off to be rebuilt. It came back nice and tight. I installed it and put everything back together. I ran it and it started leaking from the front. I removed it again and the play is back. What could be causing this? The front seal still looks good?
Hello Randy –
The Eaton crankshaft mounted pumps are known to develop leaks and other problems as the seals etc. age. We sell seal kits and a rebuilding service for these pumps and find them to be very reliable pumps and usually trouble free. Of course there are sometimes exceptions that need to be dealt with. Your question, why yours is leaking after a rebuild is valid but should only be answered by the rebuilder of your pump. Most rebuilders will be anxious to remedy the situation for you immediately and will want you to return it to them for inspection. If however we can be of further assistance please contact our office.

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