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1967 Continental Vacuum Questions

Dear Bill,
I have read much of your page and enjoyed your insight, and respect your knowledge. I am doing a complete restoration on a 67 Continental 462, which is getting close to finish (thank God). My partner described issues of cold start issues which I assumed was a carb choke related issue. While I was pulling parts to paint and replacing severely dry rotted vacuum lines I noticed a few issues. First the choke was disconnected at the carb. Initially I thought problem solved. As I got further down I noticed near the front driver firewall under some electrical connections what looked like an airbag with a valve inside which was rotted throughout. As I tracked it down via vacuum line I noticed it ran to the choke. Can you please tell me what this part is and where I might find a replacement. Also I found a rusted throughout (assuming metal vacuum line) that ran from the passenger side exhaust manifold to the carb. It looks similar to a metal brake line flanged at the ends fitting into a bracket bolted into manifold. Any info is greatly appreciated and please continue posting, I enjoyed your answers.
Hello Matt,
We are glad that you enjoy the blog. The chokes on these 462 engines work real well if all is intact and adjusted as per the manual. As well we should have the necessary parts to service them if any parts are needed. An electric choke shouldn’t really be necessary here. Someone possibly could have connected some of your underhood components incorrectly. If you send us some clear pictures of the areas that you are concerned with, we may be able to identify them for you. Do you have a proper shop manual for your 67? The manual can be very helpful for you and pay off big time in several ways. After we receive your photos Al or George will contact you with information on what you might need.

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