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1967 Continental Convertible Window Issues

Bill –

I have a 1967 Lincoln Convertible. The drivers front door window will go up and down with switch as normal. Power vent works as normal. No other windows will work. All switches are plugged in. All relays behind the seat have been proven to be good. Need help. I am a body and paint guy and not an electrical guy. Pulling my hair out. Need Help Please.


Hello John –

Welcome to our blog. After reading your power window issue I am pleased to offer the following for you to start off with a as a possible solution. Beginning with a fully charged battery, sit in the car with the key and the courtesy lights on while operating the right front window from the master switch. Observe the courtesy lights while cycling the switch in the up and down position. If you see the courtesy lights dimming slightly at these positions, the motor could be trying to operate but is stuck in the up position because of a long period of none use. If this is so, install your battery charger temporarily onto your battery and operate the switch again to see if the motor then works. If so, operate the window to the midway position while you work with the other windows. If any of the windows fail to “free up” in this manner you must then trace the electrical circuit from the master switch to the motor itself. A wiring diagram along with some electrical experience will be required as the circuits and diagnosis can be confusing. 

If a vehicle has been dormant for a period of time,  it is not uncommon for the windows to become inoperative as mentioned above. If you have any questions regarding the above suggestions or if you find that you have no positive results from the above tests John, please do not hesitate to call us directly for further advice and “tricks of the trade”. In any case, please let us know what you find out with these initial tests.



Bill –

Thank you so much. Ill try a few things.

 I’m pulling my hair out try to figure this thing out.
Hi John –
Thanks for the reply. Don’t be pulling your hair out though. After you try some of the suggested tests, we will be here for you as needed for the next steps in the diagnosis as you are one of our valued customer here at Lincoln Land.

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