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1966 New Owner Brake Light Question

Hi Bill –
I recently purchased a 66 Convertible. One thing I noticed is that the left side brake lamp doesn’t not operate. Running lights and turn singles work in the left side, and all functions of the right side work. Just no left side brake light. Changed all the bulbs and cleaned all the sockets. I traced the wire harness I. The trunk and all seems to be OK. Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
Hello Christopher –
The brake lights and turn signal lights are more complicated than you may suspect. Power to the brake light indicators originates from the turn signal switch. This switch is a common problem and therefore is a good place to start diagnosing. This switch can be diagnosed using the correct FoMoCo wiring diagram and a 12v test light. Another quick way is with the turn signals in the off position to press on the brake pedal and using the test light check for two wires ( left and right brake lights ) at the t/s connector located in the lower steering column connector becoming live with the brake light depressed. If only one wire becomes live, I would then suspect the T/S switch and check it further.
Be advised that in 1966 Lincoln used two completely different steering columns and t/s switches. One for the standard column and one for the Tilt Steering wheel option. The tilt wheel option was actually a GM unit. We usually have parts available for both although the tilt wheel switch can be sometimes difficult to locate.
Let us know what you find out with your diagnosis.

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