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1966 Lincoln Coupe Brake Light Issues

Hello there Bill –
I just bought my 66 Lincoln Coupe 2 door. Been chasing a brake light issue. I checked the switch at the pedal it works. Then the relay under the hood seems to work when you push the pedal you hear the relay trip and it registers with a test light but in the trunk at the harness it does not register. The blinkers running lights all work fine though.
Any thought would be greatly appreciated.
Hi DJ –
We have recently posted suggestions for solutions to other brake light problems on the blog for a 66 Lincoln. The posts basically advise how to follow the circuit from the brake switch and relay, through the turn signal switch and then out to the rear lights. Many owners do not realize that the brake light circuit involves the turn signal switch and this somewhat complex switch can fail in several ways. A wiring diagram therefore is a big plus in order to quickly diagnose this type of issue. You can easily link to these posts on our blog. Hope that this helps.

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