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1966 Continental Turn Signal Issues & Follow Up

Hi Bill,
I have read your online Lincoln tips and info and have found some very useful stuff. Thank you for sharing! Can you please help me with a particular issue I’m having on a friend’s 66′ Continental?
The turn signals were not working until recently. Turns out someone had installed the incorrect turn signal relay. I found a used one to install and it mostly fixed the problem. Now when I turn on the left signal, the front and rear lights blink normally like they should. However, when I turn on the right signal, the front light blinks normally but BOTH rear lights blink. I have heard that this could be a grounding issue, but I don’t know which ground(s) to investigate. Have you ever heard of this and do you have any advice? I recently installed a new reproduction turn signal switch just so you know. It’s a tilt wheel type.
Another problem is that the horn does not work. I have not done much investigating yet but I do see that the horn relay is available online to purchase. Do these go bad very often? I’m guessing not but will be curious if you have any ideas.
Again, thanks for your online postings! I hope to hear from you.
Hello Jerry –
As you know the turn signal switch on a 66 Lincoln with tilt steering wheel is cable operated and is mounted on the lower column area. If you feel however that an electrical ground is faulty then you need to carefully trace each light position with a test light or continuity tester for a possible bad ground. The t/s switch mounting is adjustable therefore my first check though would be for proper adjustment of this switch before any other tests. A small adjustment here can possibly be your problem and could correct the issue. One other area of concern is the four-way flasher switch in the glove box. We have seem some that have melted contacts which have caused strange lighting problems. The melted part should be visible on the exterior when examined carefully. If none of the above helps then you need to trace the circuits with the use of the correct wiring diagram. That year of Lincoln has a complicated turn signal circuit for some unknown reason.
The horn circuit on these cars is the same as most other horn circuits. Since you state that you haven’t even looked at it yet, I don’t have anything to work with except that it does not operate. Common horn problems that we see at Lincoln Land are …..faulty horn units, missing horn units, unplugged horns, faulty relays, faulty wiring and or horn contacts at the steering wheel sw. and loss of power in the circuit etc. So as you can see this is another circuit that would need to be diagnosed in a logical sequence with the use of the wiring diagram and a test light. A good place to start diagnosing would be at the relay which that Lincoln should have. I would never just go out and purchase a horn relay or any other parts without proving that the part was actually defective. Another fact to know is that the tilt wheel horn system on the 1966 Lincoln has a different circuit than a fixed wheel as the fixed wheel system does not use a horn relay. The electrical circuits on these vehicles can be very complicated and that is why a correct wiring diagram is a must for correct diagnosis and most electrical repairs.
The Follow Up Email:
That was good advice to check out the hazard flasher switch in the glovebox. That was the culprit. I disconnected and the problem of both rear lights flashing when the right t/s was activated is gone. I have not checked out the item in detail as to why. Perhaps a contact was fused to another like you said. But now on to the horn problem. Thanks for your help on these items!

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