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1966 Continental Sedan Brake Light Issues

Bill –
I’m having brake light problem with my Lincoln. Turn signals running lights and emergency flashers work but no brake lights. I have power coming and going from the brake switch to turn signal switch but no power to anything in the trunk. In the schematic it shows a “stop lamp relay” but I cannot seem to locate it or find anything online. Also shop manual says there is a stop light breaker “r.h. Cowl side panel” page 15-8 I also can’t find location of that. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Hi Rob –
The brake light relay on a 66 is located under the hood on the left side ( drivers side ) inner fender mounted on a rubber pad, near the cover with the other relays. The breaker panel should be located under the dash forward of the glove box. The wire colors at the relay should be:
Red with white tracer
Green with white tracer
You will of course need to trace the power path from the brake switch to the relay and turn signal switch and to the rear lights. Keep in mind that the vehicles with the tilt steering wheel option use a very different turn signal switch than those with a fixed wheel.

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