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1966 Continental Lighting Issues

Bill –
Just bought a 1966 Lincoln, all the lights come on yet have I have no turn signals or break lights on passenger side once I step on pedal. Would the hazard switch missing in glove box cause this problem? I’ve replaced all flashers and bulbs in car.
If one side of the vehicle has stop lights and turn signals and the other side does not I would be leaning towards a Turn Signal Switch problem or that someone has altered the wiring in an effort to repair the circuit without consulting the wiring diagram. I would begin by tracing the power path from the brake light switch, brake relay and through the t/s switch with the use of the correct wiring diagram for the car. If your 1966 Lincoln is equipped with the Tilt Steering wheel option the turn signal switch will be adjustable and located in the lower steering column area. At that time you could also trace out and repair the Hazard Light circuit with the aid of the same wiring diagram. While tracing the circuits be on the lookout for non factory altered or spliced wiring etc. The absence of the hazard light switch in the glove box is a mystery though. I would wonder why anyone would remove it and not want that feature to function.

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