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1966 Continental Knocking

Hi Bill,
I have a 1966 Continental, I have just recently redone the cooling system, including a new water pump, rebuilt radiator, and 180 thermostat. The idle is good and temp is stable at 190, but now there is a knocking sound on the passenger side that was not there before the update, any ideas would be great. Thanks.
Hi Paul –
From your description it is difficult for me to know if you are describing an upper level knock or something deeper inside the engine. If it is clearly from the right side the best approach could be for you to try to isolate the location with the use of a stethoscope. You then can disassemble items at or near that location for closer inspection. If the sound seems deeper within the engine an oil pressure reading should be taken with the engine at full operating temperature. This will help to determine engine bearing and or oil pump condition. Another idea would be to let a good known engine rebuilder at your location listen first hand to the sound and advise you further.

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