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1966 Continental Convertible Questions

Bill –
My 66 Convertible recently survived a huge flood here in Pensacola last month. Had rain water into the floor boards. Insurance adjustor felt it was easily repairable and a local ASE shop did some minor cosmetic interior, carpet cleanup. I think wheel bearings were redone also. Anyway, picked it up last week and there are a few issues, probably not flood related since these had been on-going.
I don’t drive it that often but typically, battery will be dead within a short time and I also have to spray started fluid into carb area to get it started. Once started, runs good and will start fine within that day. Shop noted these issues and felt there must be some sort of drain happening in the electricals but they didn’t spend any time on a search (yet). I also have a few power window switch problems (they checked the motors foe each and seem ok).
What could the startup issue be?
Is it related to the battery dying?
If order switches, I assume pretty easy to install locally.
Thanks for your input.
Hi Greg –
Your battery discharge problem could be a failing battery, a charging issue or a power draw as you have posted. You also indicated that your shop did not spend any time searching for a problem yet. It is therefore obvious that the above two items need to be checked out professionally first and eliminated or corrected before moving on to more complicated items to diagnosis.
The need to prime the carburetor on older vehicles after they have sat unused for a period of time is not uncommon and this condition can certainly be caused or amplified by the following…. A battery that is failing as noted above, poor battery to starter wiring, a starter that is turning slowly and is in need of overhaul, a choke that is not closing properly, poor fuel delivery to the carburetor due to a warn out fuel pump or f. p. pushrod, plugged fuel filter. The general condition of the engine and engine tune up maintenance are also very important and can be causes of poor cold engine starts if they have been neglected and not in good order. Which of the above areas could your Lincoln possibly be in need of checking?
Power window switches are common causes of power window failure and of course if they are in fact faulty new ones will correct the problem. Other common p/w failures can also be faulty wiring and relays etc. To answer your question, any local shop well versed in automotive electrical accessory repair should be able to change out any p/w switch that is faulty for you. I wouldn’t however want to allow a person without experience in this area to perform the repair.
For further information, manuals or parts please call our office at any time. We wish you good luck and speedy repairs on your Lincoln.

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