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1966 Continental Brake Issues

Hi Bill –
My name is Doug and I have a 1966 Lincoln Continental I’m restoring for my father in law, his dad bought the car brand new. We put all brand new brakes on the car (brake lines, calipers, pads, shoes, wheel cylinders, two reservoir master cylinder and adjustable proportion valve). We have bled the brakes and got all the air out of the system but for some reason the pedal is soft and pretty much goes to the floor. We ran the car and moved it, the brakes stopped it but not very good, I had to keep pumping them up. Anything else I can do or check? Thanks in advance for your help!
Greetings Doug –
Assuming that all of the parts that you have replaced have been installed correctly and the system has been bled properly I can suggest two items to check. The first is that the rear drum brake shoes have been given an initial adjustment. This is necessary when new brake shoes have been installed. After that they will adjust themselves as the vehicle is driven.
The second is the fact that you need to keep pumping up the brake pedal to get any braking action. This would normally indicate a failed master cylinder if the brakes have been bled correctly and no leaks exist. In your case though, you indicate that you have replaced the single reservoir master cylinder with a dual reservoir unit along with an adjustable proportioning valve. Upgrading from a single to a dual reservoir cylinder can sometimes cause some initial problems if certain correct parts are not used and some important procedures are not followed. If these upgrades were purchased from us at Lincoln Land please call our office and ask your sales person if you can speak to Al. He will review the parts that were shipped to you and offer some advice if necessary in order to solve a possible problem in this upgrade area. If these upgrade items are not our product you will need to contact your supplier. Of course do not drive the car in this condition. Let us know what you find and if we can help you further, please contact us.

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