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1966 Brake Light Switch Questions

Bill –
Truly great site. Just been working on a 66 continental 462 MEL. I’m having trouble locating the brake light switch as electronics are good but no break lights. I need to replace brake booster as well but would that negate the break lights from engaging? I didn’t think it was too difficult to find the switch but I am just failing. Thought I would just raise my hand and ask the teacher before I get pulled over….
Much appreciated,
Hello Raj –
The brake light switch on a 1966 Lincoln is located above the brake pedal and behind the booster rod. It is a mechanicaly activated electrical switch that can fail but should still work with a faulty booster. If it is unplugged or installed incorrectly it will not function. Another popular cause of inoperative brake lights to consider is a faulty turn signal switch. Correct diagnosis of this circuit is recommended to avoid unnecessary parts replacement.

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