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1966 Brake Light Issues

Hello Bill,
I bought my 66 Lincoln Continental Convertible about 11 years ago and have been slowly restoring and upgrading it over the years. One problem which has always haunted me is the brake lights. No matter what I do, I am unable to get them to work by depressing the pedal. I initially suspected the brake light switch and electrical issues. I removed the switch, depressed the strike plate, and the brake lights came on. So, fortunately there was not an electrical issue. I had a mechanic install a new booster assembly since I suspected the old one was on it’s last leg, but still no change. I did find a minor leak on the rear brake hose and replaced it as well. I conducted a very thorough bleeding of the brakes once this was all done. There is a good solid pedal and good stopping. But still no change in the brake light situation. I have had several different recommendations as to what to do next, but I needed to consult with someone with proper knowledge first. I have been told to find a way to adjust the length of the rod, add an additional booster, etc. My only other remote suspicion is replacing the mess of vacuum lines throughout the car. I have discovered several cracked or split lines and repaired them, but there are many more to go.
Any help or advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
Hi Jeremy –
Your 66 Convertible is a great car to have and is well respected among all of the car collectors. The brake light switch because of its design must be tested for continuity in the installed position with a 12v test light. While testing, the switch and its wiring must NOT be distorted so you may need a helper to depress the brake pedal for you. If the switch worked while you tested it off of the car and will not operate in the installed position the switch may still be faulty or there could be some missing switch installation hardware. A shop manual would be a real asset to you for any repairs if you do not already have one. Please try this test again as described above and call us with the results or for further advice.

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