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1966 AC Concerns

Hi Bill –
The A/C on one of my Lincolns is acting up! It’s a 1966 with “select-aire”. The compressor doesn’t turn on. The blower operates just fine, all the vacuum control doors work as they should, but no cold air. If I run a hot jumper wire to the pigtail to the compressor, it kicks on and I have ice cold air! Any thoughts on “what usually goes wrong”? I really don’t want to wire in a toggle switch, so any ideas, advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Gary –
That should be an easy diagnosis for you or your mechanic. The compressor circuit needs to be tested for power from the main a/c Switch ( with the key on and the sw. in the a/c position) through to the Thermostatic De-icing Switch and from there to the compressor Clutch. A good place to start is with a 12v test light at the de-icing sw. which should be already closed and sending power to the clutch at ambient temperature above approximately 35 degrees. The wiring schematic for the power path and operation is shown in your Shop manual. If any parts prove to be faulty, we should be able to supply replacements for you. Good luck.

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