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1965 Convertible Window Issues & Follow Up

Hi Bill,
I’ve purchased quite a bit of parts from Lincoln Land Patti!!! (Great lady!) I searched the blog and some really great stuff on here! Thanks for sharing with us! I have a question with my auto down and up rear windows. First thing, all window up and down work from all switches before and after the cleaning project. Going into my window mechanism cleaning and lubing project, the driver rear window auto down did not work, however if I rolled the window up to 5″ – 6″ from top, the auto up would work if I tricked it into thinking it was there. However the auto up and down worked fine on the passenger rear door. Questions: 1. After the lube/fixing/adjusting of the passenger rear door I have found that the window goes down “too fast” and goes past the limiter switch point where it thinks the window is all the way down and not just 6″ down, this is why the auto up does not work. Essentially I “fixed” it too good :). The motor does go down about 2 times faster than the others but is all original parts. How can I go about correcting this? I was looking at adding a resistor but if the motors are drawing up to 10 amps that’s a BIG resistor. Any help here would be appreciated. 2. What’s the first thing I should look at to see why the auto-drop down doesn’t work but auto up does when in range? Thanks again for all of your knowledge on here! I am sure I will have more questions in the future so thanks in advance.
Hi Alan –
Erik and I discussed your issue and we both agree that some item or items were re-assembled incorrectly somehow. We believe that the spring is in the wrong position.
When the unit is assembled correctly, the spring winds up when the window moves down and then releases its power when the window travels up. This equalizes the speed of operation in both directions. We at Lincoln Land of course cannot see how it is assembled so therefore you may need to send us a photo or two if the problem cannot be easily seen. Please be extremely careful when handling that assembly in that condition. Wear protective hand and headgear.
Please let us know what you discover.
Bill & Erik
Yeah my father was saying the same thing. I put it back the way the previous person had it, however I am wondering if they didn’t reengage the spring. Tighten it or whatever as the window always has gone down faster than the rest, however it’s worse now that I lubed and adjusted everything. Dirt packed grease tends to slow things down apparently. I will check it out and let you guys know what I find out.
Bill –
I wanted to update this. The spring was engaged but wasn’t wound tight enough. After I reset the spring to how it’s supposed to be all is well! Also, note to everyone – be sure and lube those coil springs where they meet the regulator or you could have some squeaking. A little lube goes a long way!

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