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1965 Continental Sedan Window Issues

Hi Bill,
I’m pretty new at this so don’t laugh if I ask stupid questions, ha ha. So I recently purchased a 65 Continental Sedan and even more recent, the windows stopped working. All of them. I’ve been reading the shop manual and it suggests a faulty 20amp circuit breaker. problem is, its not clear (at least to me) where its located. It says the located under the “cowl”. whats a cowl??! haha. Either way, do you have any suggestions and or advice?? Anything would be greatly appreciated.
Levi –
Congratulations on the Lincoln purchase. The cowl area where the circuit breakers are located on a 65 Lincoln should be behind the front passenger kick pad trim panel. The best way to approach this situation is with a correct wiring diagram and a 12 volt test light. The wiring diagram will show the breaker panel and wiring as well as the popular Power Window Safety Relay and how it is activated to supply power from the breaker to the power window switches. Section 17 in the factory Shop Manual also has a Power Window Diagnostic Guide that should be helpful to you. If you are performing your own repairs and have no experience in automotive electrical diagnosis you will be newly learning how to test these circuits in a logical sequence according to the wiring diagrams etc. Depending on your learning skills this will require patience and time. When you have done some of the diagnosing and have additional questions please contact us for further assistance if needed. If you do need the wiring diagram or any parts we should be able to supply your requirements.

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