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1965 Continental Noise At Start Up

I have 65 Lincoln with 430 engine my key gets stuck and I get a click from behind my glove box and a click from the left front engine fender , every time I try to start can you help nail down the problem I have a new battery , starter and starter solenoid. Also it keeps popping out of reverse in to neutral. When I turn the steering wheel. Do you have any suggestions?
The clicks that you are hearing sounds like they could be the starter solenoid and power window safety relay operating as you turn the key to the start position. These may be normal sounds that you would not hear if the starter motor was working. The problem could be bad battery wiring, solenoid or a bad starter. The starting circuit needs to be diagnosed in a logical sequence beginning at the battery and tracing the power path to the starter. Guessing and replacing parts without proper diagnosing is wasteful. Wiring diagrams and shop manuals are helpful here.
I don’t fully understand what you mean by “my key gets stuck ” but if it is binding and sticking in the ignition switch, the key, the key cylinder or possibly the switch it self is failing internally. The key and cylinder can be removed and examined easily as per the shop manual but the repair is better left to a good locksmith unless you have experience. If the above cylinder and key is o/k then the switch could be sticking.
The issue with the shift linkage is a known problem and can be dangerous if not dealt with as soon as possible. The main problem is the Lower Steering column bushing becoming useless in maintaining proper linkage tube and shaft alignment and if so it will need replacement. Another bushing or sleeve that fails is at the upper steering column bearing retainer. At the same time all of the linkage and bushings from the transmission to the steering column must be examined and corrected as necessary. The shift quadrant and lever may also have some wear and should also be checked. Your problem could be one or more of the above. Call our office and ask for Al for more details.

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