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1965 Continental Gear Shift Issues

Hi Bill,
I enjoy reading through your blog. I have owned this car since 1997 and mostly perform repairs on my own. I have a gear shift issue that I cant seem to diagnose, perhaps you can provide some guidance.
I shifted into R and backed out of garage, then was unable to go forward in any gear (reverse still worked). After about 10 minutes of going through all the shift points I eventually was able to move the car forward back into the garage (not sure which shifter position worked). The trans was serviced several years ago when i had drive shaft repaired – all has worked well since servicing except for Park – the car has difficulty holding park on a surface with any incline. Any advise you can offer is greatly appreciated.
Greetings Rob –
The issue that you are describing is not uncommon and is not only inconvenient but is not a safe condition for you to drive with. The transmission can jump out of Park to Reverse if the vehicle is left idling and unattended. To begin someone qualified will need to carefully inspect the shift linkage starting at the transmission levers through to and up the steering column to the shift lever. All of the pivot points and any bushings can be a suspect. It is possible to locate several faults, therefore the total looseness of all of the faults that are found will govern the amount of unwanted movement in the linkage. In addition, this year of Lincoln has a very important bushing in the lower area of the column that may well be worn out and require replacement. This bushing could be a large part of your problem. At this time you would be well advised to inspect your engine and transmission mounts as they help hold the engine and transmission assembly along with the shift linkage to the correct operating position as designed during all engine torque conditions. We have new parts available here at Lincoln Land to correct these issues properly. After your inspection, call our office and ask to speak to Al. He will guide you further if necessary and suggest the correct parts that you need in order to correct this condition.

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