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1965 Continental Exhaust And Electrical Questions

Hey Bill,
I’m having one hell of a time with my Lincoln. Got a 430, and my exhaust system is totally shot. I don’t know of I should replace the stock manifolds with headers or what. And now here’s the real bit…I have all matching numbers on the car. So I don’t want to change anything, but don’t know a good method to repair the original exhaust.
Also, I don’t think my alternator is going, however my amp gauge fluctuates a lot, and my headlights/interior lights get 2-3x brighter when I rev the engine. Any help is appreciated.
Thank you,
Nathan –
There are some good choices for the exhaust system. A good professional exhaust technician at your location should be able to build you a real nice quiet system with mufflers and resonators as is required for these engines. If you are keeping the car and it is a nice car you could consider a bolt on complete stainless system complete with proper flanges and bends. These stainless systems usually come with a lifetime guarantee and should remain leak free and quiet for the life of the car. If you want to install headers or any type of a loud or modified system you will need to discuss this with that type of specialty exhaust supplier.
The 64/65 lincoln charging and amp gauge circuits are known to sometimes be a problem area. Much of the vehicles electrical power flows through the amp gauge and a bad connection or failure in this area can lead to severe unwanted issues. We have addressed this type of problem here on the Blog on May 13 of this year. Please search out and read that blog question and reply. If you need further advice in this matter please contact us again.

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