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1965 Continental Charging Issues

Hi Bill,
I have a 65 Continental that I have had for a while and it has been having charging issues since I got it. I’ve replaced the alternator and tensed the belt to ensure if it was tight so that it won’t slip. Still, no charging. I made sure the connections were tight and everything looks fine. I have the shop manual for the car but I can’t seem to trouble shoot the problem. I really love this car but I hate to have charging issues on such a beautiful car. I would appreciate if you can help me resolve this problem. Thanks Bill!
Hello Josh –
Not knowing the history of any electrical repairs on your Lincoln by a previous owner I can only give you some facts along with some items to check. The 64 and 65 Lincolns are well known to develop poor connections at the amp gauge in the dash. This can sometimes result in a burnt connection with no charging and even severe electrical damage. Some owners have then repaired the gauge to operate correctly and some have merely spliced the two wires together to allow the charging system to operate without the amp gauge showing a charge. If a bad connection did develop sometime ago at your amp gauge the wires COULD be spliced and the battery is charging or disconnected completely resulting in no charging to the battery. IF it was spliced the charging rate should be tested at the battery only as the dash gauge will not indicate a charge or a discharge. If the gauge shows no movement you will need to inspect the amp gauge connection behind the dash for a bad connection or a previous repair. Another possibility is that the alternator Regulator could be faulty. These vehicles use a separate regulator that can fail. All wiring related to the charging system should also be inspected for previous inept tampering etc. If you have the correct Factory Shop Manual, all of the above will be shown and explained with test procedures. Many automotive supply shops such as Auto Zone and Advance will offer to test your charging system at no charge.

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