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1965 AC Kicks In And Out – Update

Hello Bill –
I found the 20 amp breaker were you said it was and it is tripping out so i tried another breaker and it runs longer but still kicks out.I notice that there is a lite blue with red runner with the brown wire should this be there.Also since the breaker is kicking out this means to much amps is this right and what amps should i be seeing from the blower motor and then the AC compressor or is there some thing else i should check first that can cause problem.Also the black power wire is warm to touch and you said it can be ignition switch and the switch stud off the back of switch is warm to hot.please advise.
Ron –
Slightly warm wires are o/k. Any wiring that becomes hot should be investigated. Since you have stated that the breaker only blows with the blower on high the blower could be drawing too many amps. If you have the equipment as well as the knowledge and want to do a draw test on the circuit, that test could be done at the breaker to the brown wire and the blue wire with the red tracer. I don’t have a wiring diagram for that blue/red wire but it is possible that it is correct. Perform the draw test at that point with the a/c on and the blower on high. The breaker is 20 amps so the total amperage draw should not exceed 20 amps. If it does exceed or is close to 20 amps unplug the compressor clutch coil and recheck the draw. On start up the blower will draw 7-9Amps, then drop to 3-4Amps maximum while running. If it is still high turn the blower speed to a slower speed. By unplugging and controlling the load in certain combinations you may be able to isolate the excess power draw. I trust that you did install a New and not used breaker.
Hope this helps.

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