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1965 Continental Convertible Deck Lid Issue

Good morning USA!

I have a question with the Deck on my 1965 Lincoln Continental convertible.

The Deck does not want to get started with its function without the help of two people on either side of the car who by hand help to lift the deck from its position to an upright position. Could this be because the Deck Hydraulic Cylinder is in need of replacement?


Greetings Kent –

Welcome to the Lincoln Land customer blog. The sixties Lincoln convertibles consist of a complicated mechanical, hydraulic and electrical system. Mastering the diagnosis and repairs usually takes years in order to becoming close to being an expert. Even then there seems to be a new problem with challenges emerging now and then.

The best way to diagnose these issues correctly is to have the proper FoMoCo manuals and some test equipment as well as some basic electrical knowledge. However, to answer your question, the answer is yes. The hydraulic cylinders can be faulty internally or their ram rods can be distorted. You don’t advise us what you have checked and tested so far so I will mention some other items for you to consider. Other problems or issues can be Low battery charge, poor hydraulic pressure, loss of hydraulic fluid, binding or bent mechanicals and poor contacts in electrical switches and relays etc. Take your time diagnosing and try not to “guess” without proper testing. We usually have a good stock of the popular repair parts for these systems. Good luck to you on the repair.



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