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1964 Sedan Electrical Issues

Hi Bill –
Connected the battery and heard a click/pop from the passenger side firewall area. Car runs fine but now I have no exterior lights. Head/rear or brake. No interior lights either. Alternator still working bit car turns off without battery. Got behind the splash guard on the front passenger wheel well. I have to replace the window relay anyway. There are 3 other relays do any of these control the issues I mentioned? Are the available at your shop? If this isn’t the issue what about the circuit breakers behind the glove box?
Hello Mark –
The 64’s and 65’s can certainly become a challenge electrically sometimes. You don’t advise us of any meaningful testing that you have done so far to identify your current issue. I can point out however some problems that we have encountered at Lincoln Land on the 64’s. You should use a 12 volt test light and test the fuse box and the circuit breakers for power in and out of them. We have seen problems behind the right kick pad with the electrical that pass through to the starter relay junction. These heavy wire contact plugs and connectors can become deteriorated/melted inside and then fail suddenly. All of the wiring, any breakers and pass through etc. in the right, kick pad area should be carefully inspected visually and tested. We have also seen many Ammeter gauge connectors fail and cause the ammeters to not allow power to pass through. These faulty ammeters usually surface as strange ammeter readings when they begin to become troublesome. Good luck to you with your testing and diagnosis.

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