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1964 Hard Start, Charging Issues

Good Morning Bill –
My question for you is my 64 Lincoln has a hard time starting and then holding a charge. I’ve installed a new battery, alternator, electric fuel pump and neutral safety switch. Now I want to make this as reliable as possible for the wife and baby. Where should I start if my battery is at 11 v after the car has been running for an hour? Chances are it won’t start again. If the heat is on, the battery drops off and rebounds back to 12.4v. Should I just throw parts at it, and if so what do you suggest. I know I’m rambling – so ignition, solenoid, distributor or any thing else beyond that could be replaced to new is my goal.
Hello Jason –
You don’t advise us if the engine does not crank properly or if it cranks properly and will not start or if it cranks and starts only with a battery boost at these “no start” times.
From your information supplied I would begin by having your mechanic with the proper test equipment do a charging system inspection. After the above is found to be up to par or repaired the battery should be charged with a good charger to just above 12 volts and then load tested. If all is well, I would test to find out if something in the electrical system is pulling power from the battery etc. when the car is not in use.
Of course, your ignition system and all tune up and fuel delivery items should be maintained in good condition.
All of the above are good items to check first and are common defects that we see very often. We wish you the best of luck in finding the problem quickly.

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