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1964 Continental Water In Oil After Rebuild

Hello Bill –
I’m rebuilding a 64 convertible that I purchased last year. The 430 engine was shot and had 5 cracks in the block. I decided to go with a 66 462. I found one and took it to my local machine shop and had it rebuilt. I also had the transmission rebuilt. I got the engine and transmission back and put them in the car. I got it running and it ran good. I took the car to the exhaust shop and had a new duel exhaust put on the car. When I picked the car up from them to my surprise the car was bellowing white antifreeze smoke out of both exhaust pipes. I checked the oil and it has water in it. First thought was head gasket. But for smoke to be coming out of both pipes that would mean that both gaskets went at the same time? I would lean more towards the intake being bad. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Shawn –
We’re sorry to hear that this has happened to you. What has happened to the engine is a good question. The problem could be incorrect use of gaskets or some sort of improper assembly etc. but the question needs to be asked at the machine shop that rebuilt it. I would call them and arrange to have the car towed to their shop. If they are a reputable business they will want to have this put right for you if they have made an error.

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