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1964 Continental Scraping On Steep Pitch

Hi Bill,
I am having an issue with my car scraping the bottom when I pull into my new building garage. The entrance has a pretty steep pitch and it scrapes on the passenger side right in the middle of the car. Any advice would be appreciated.
Greetings Vinnie –
It certainly is a good idea on your part to look in to those kinds of noises because they can be damaging over a period of time if they are not identified and addressed. If traffic at this entrance is not too heavy you could have an assistant check under the car at the point of rubbing impact to pinpoint that low spot on the car. Depending what is discovered, some possible causes to consider are an exhaust pipe that is formed incorrectly and subsequently riding too low, riding height of the car too low ( because of weak springs ) or undersized tires. Have you tried to approach the entrance from a different angle if possible? If the vehicle is within factory specifications regarding the above clearances then I would be thinking that this entrance way may be built to uncomfortable driving clearances and short wheel base vehicles. These Lincolns are not abnormally low for city driving or we would receive many more complaints of this nature. Let us know what you find out.

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